Never changing travel destinations will eventually destroys you

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There are some places in the world which are extremely risky. Traveling to these destinations may actually have a disastrous effect on your life. In fact, it might also happen that it might destroy you completely. So traveling to these places would certainly not be a good idea,In order to know in details about these destinations you can go through the discussion given below: "Travel guides"

  • Angola

This is a very rich place owing to the huge amount of the oil content it has. Though traveling to this country is not very safe. However, these days there are also certain reasons for you to travel guides to this place.

There are a number of things that are worth seeing in this beautiful country. But the wealth in this country has not been properly distributed. When you leave this country the local police will actually relieve you from any local money that you have. This is rather a lumbago friendly practice and is rather quite considerate.

  • Eritrea

This is one-party state. On the press freedom index, this is the only whose rank is below

Northern Korea. Even if you fill up the application form most carefully it might be returned along with your passport. If it is not returned then the entire process might take around 6-8 weeks’ time.

The biggest problem of this country is that your application might be rejected. So there are a number of people who actually do not apply for this country. The only way to apply for this country is applying and reapplying and putting down in a letter how desperately you want to visit this place.

  • Equatorial Guinea

The major wealth of this country also comes from the exporting of oil. However, the distribution of wealth here is not at all equal. This is a country that has the worst record with the application of the human rights. This is the country is also involved in human trafficking. The only reason for you to still visit this place is that in no other country will you experience a stricter control of places and people. There are also certain beautiful beaches and good wildlife in this place that is worth seeing.

  • Saudi Arabia

This country is extremely rich because of the huge amount of oil that they export. The amount of revenue that they earn from exporting oil is so much that they do not require any other revenues. However, at times getting a tourist visa to this country becomes difficult. Women cannot travel to this place alone. They have to be accompanied by a male family member. But the biggest advantage of this place is the sands. The desert safari here is truly worth experiencing.

Going to the places that are mentioned above can truly be a little risky. However, if you visit these places then you will surely be able to get an experience that you will cherish for an entire lifetime. If you are planning to go on a vacation to a good place and ready to take some sort of a risk when traveling to these places will certainly be a good option.


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