Here’s why visiting Cyprus with your family during the summer season is a good option

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Cyprus is located between the Middle East, Europe and Northern Africa. This nation is known for the regional wines, beautiful beaches, the coastal city of Paphos and the rugged mountainous interiors. This island has a great history. This is a much priced possession for all those who gained power during the Mediterranean age. This is also a great place for hiking.

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There are a number of places worth visiting in Cyprus. If you want to know about it in details then you can go through the points mentioned below: 

  • Ancient Kourion

There are a number of ancient sites in Cyprus, however Kourion is for sure the best of these sites. This is situated romantically across the coastal cliff. There are also certain tumbling views of the Mediterranean and the countryside below. It is truly a magical place. This site is quite vast. The most popular sections here are the house of the Eustolios and the theatre. Here you will also get to see a bunch of mosaics that are very well preserved.

  • St. Hilarion Castle

This is one of the best castle ruins of the Mediterranean region. This is the home for a number of myths as well as local legends. The most popular legend here is that of the fairy queen who actually charmed the local shepherds. If you do not have much time in hand then at least make a visit to this castle.

  • Larnaca

This is situated on the South Eastern side of the island. It is a kind of a seaside resort. Most of the people who travel here for a holiday spent time in these resorts. You can actually enjoy the sand and the sun based fun out here. You will get to see a number of pink flamingos here and also hill villages here are also most beautiful. There are also other tourist attractions here that lie around the hinterland.

  • Karpas peninsula

Karpas is considered to be the most beautiful region in the Cyprus. There are golden beaches along with rugged hills present here. This is in fact an area that is least trodden and there are also a number of sublime hiking options. If you want to spend some time in an undiscovered island then this is surely the place to be.

  • Ancient Salamis

This is called the home to the marble ruins. This is one of the top historical sites in the Kourion island. If you are in Nicosia then travelling to this place is definitely the best option for you.

Cyprus is undoubtedly one of the best places that you can visit with your family. If you want you can surely visit this place and you will surely enjoy the experience here. If you are planning to spend this vacation in Cyprus then make sure that you visit the places mentioned above. These places are some of the best places available and will truly provide you with a memorable vacation. Apart from the places mentioned above if you have time in hand you can also visit other tourist attractions here.


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