Have you faced a downturn of your computer system, after security updates by Microsoft?

latest technology in computer

Big chip security bugs are the second name for putting significant data at risk. A few weeks ago, to fix this flaw, Microsoft being the biggest computer company in the world, has released various upgrades. But that software upgrade wave or you can say latest technology in computer, has threatened numerous users for slowdowns in games, phones, computers & browsers.

After getting acquainted with this fear & adverse results of Advanced Microprocessing chips, Microsoft suspended some updates. The patches that users were using caused slow processing of computer systems & slowdown of working.

One can’t just say that an upgrade is a reason for slowing down of PC. One reason is that there are no criteria to check whether a patch is affecting the performance of a computer or something else. Furthermore, on most of the systems, the problems of the slowdown may be because of regular problems a user faces, and not because of security flaws.

According to product manager of Ivanti, a Utah based software company, Chris Goettl, the issues that people are facing may prove as alleviation and but as usual users love to blame the company & its updates.

As per the technology news in the US, Microsoft shared a statement regarding the issue and said that extremely older software such as Windows Vista & Windows XP, no patches will come & those chips will take the biggest hit. It will not assist the Windows users, older chips & versions. This is the biggest problem for its users. Along with it, computers running Windows 7 & Windows 8 OS, on Intel CPU chips before 2015, and alike latest technology in computer, the users will face a decline in the performance of the system.

It's really a noticeable issue. Globally, many business houses are using this software. According to the Texas-based company, Spiceworks, Windows XP is being used by around 42% of businesses & 7% of businesses run Windows Vista.

In this regard, Spiceworks' senior technology analyst, Peter Tsai said that it's not that organizations are not aware of the risk & its results. The fact is some problems don't have a perfect alternative, resources, sufficient funds & even time to adapt & leave older systems. He said the problem may be because of old machine or printer, which have locked the software, being used by the user.

A few weeks ago, Google researchers revealed Meltdown & Spectre vulnerabilities. According to it, the security flaws certainly affect the devices and make it easy for hackers to access even secured information. To protect the data from these flaws & hackers, companies are scrambling to rely on patches now. However, companies also believe that these patches slow down the functioning of the program. Well, that's true too. Those corporate systems, which need tremendous network time & information moving in devices, can get affected. But mundane users wouldn't face & notice this slowdown much.

Well, with these patches, Apple systems remain unaffected. The performance of Apple's operating system didn't get whittled with it even after complete testing. For Safari, Web browser, the company released the updates. In some versions, a little slow down of less than 2.5% has been faced.

Above all, instead of patches, the reason behind slow performance of the system may be more because of typical internet variables like, latency, bandwidth, congestion or the speed with which web browsers work and many more things may become its solid reason. Well, an average computer user will not confront this situation & impact of patches will not leave much impact in their work.


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