Cyber Attack: ‘Phishing’ Emails are not responsible for Global Hack

cyber attacks 2018

The world is well acquainted with the aftermaths of phishing. Basically, it's a fraudulent activity of attaining personal vital information of people, like, passwords etc. by sending them emails. Phishing was associated with global cyber attacks, which has devastated a number of NHS trusts & in around 150 countries, hit dozens of NHS trusts. But as per the latest technology news, phishing has not caused any global cyber attack. The security experts have deeply analyzed the matter and come to the conclusion that the suspicious emails unfurl the virus and computers don't have the capacity to fix the bug, no matter how intelligent the user is. The attacks will continue until & unless IT departments fix it & take a backup of files.

NHS trusts faced wreak havoc because of their disregard for numerous warnings from NHS Digital. They didn't add the patch and consequently faced vulnerable situations. Vladimir Putin blamed the US for this destructive situation of global cyber attack which lamed all the computer systems of the world and caused heavy loss. Russian President Putin had put the entire blame on the US and gave a clean chit to Russia. In his views, the hacking software created by the US had comprehended the negative impact on Microsoft computers.

He further added that the concept of cyber security should not be overlooked by the global leaders. It's a significant matter that must be discussed at the serious political level. He also said about the withdrawal of US from signing an agreement with Russia about cyber security.

This wreck has affected around 2000 PCs of Japan, as per Japanese computer experts; however, the same chaos has been reported by Xinhua, the Chinese news agency as 30000 PCs. Well, the authorities have already warned the users about the destruction that could affect innumerable computer systems.

According to a report published by NHS Digital, seven among 47 trusts have been crippled & seeking emergency support from the authorities. Its ill effects had been experienced all around, in each department. At surgeries, even, the patients have been warned for slow service. However, no compromise had been done regarding patient data. Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary held an important meeting with the COBRA committee on the spot.

As per the latest technology updates, Microsoft castigated the software developed by the US spy agency. WannaCry ransomware locks the systems and hits the system badly. This software permits the ransomware to infect computers and wreck it considerably. Shadow Brokers, a hacking group had dumped the tool, ‘Eternal Blue’ being developed by the National Security Agency.

Brad Smith had said in a statement that this cyber attack is a wakeup call for all. This all had caused tremendous damage to the systems in every region. To fix this all mess, Microsoft released a patch. To correct the Eternal Blue vulnerability, this patch defended the systems and even older versions of Windows got protection by using this patch.


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