Choose Barcelona As Your Next Holiday Destination For An Enthralling Experience


Do you want to take a break and visit some of the best places in Europe? Yes? then Barcelona is the city for you to visit right now. In Europe this is one of the most famous tourist places. The city has its rich and very strong cultural roots. Also there are myriad architectural brilliance all around the city.

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You will get to see the revolutionary architecture of Antoni Gaudi in this city and apart from this, numerous museums, historical buildings and the pristine sea beach.

Barcelona is located on the east coast of Spain. This city is filled with all the natural delights. There are the man made beauties too. You will fall in love with this city if you are a shopaholic. You can always come here to spend your holidays. The city offers a host affordable places where you can stay.

A Little Bit About The City

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To get to this place by air you have to arrive at Barcelona–El Prat Airport. The airport is about thirty minutes from the city. You can get here by the public transport. The other way to reach here is by train.

Otherwise you can also reach this place by international bus service. The bus service here is known such as FlixBus. Once you reach the city, there are numerous options that you can avail for roaming around the city. All the transports are easily available.

The public transport of this city consists of the bus service, the subway and the urban rail.  The tickets are quite cost effective. Actually you can also go for the travel card. That will cost you 15 pound. It is valid for forty eight hours.

The Major Attractions Of Barcelona That You Should Not Miss

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Barcelona has a wide range of options to offer you, from exploration to relaxation. One of the most attractive features of this city is its fantastic and pristine sea beach.

Barceloneta Beach attracts a host of tourists around the globe. It has amazing scenic beauty. It is also one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You can soak the sun rays or take a dip in the Balearic Sea.

There are many bars and clubs also for your visit. The night life of the city is extremely hip and happening. This city has something for everyone. Give this city a try this holiday. You will realize that that this city is providing you more than the value of money.

The Architectural Brilliance Of This City

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Apart from the natural features this city has some of the most amazing architectural brilliances. You can visit The Basílica de la Sagrada Familia. This is one of the oldest basilicas in the world. This place has been under construction since 1882. It will be finished within 2026. The original designer of this basilica was Francisco de Paula del Villary Lozano. Around the year 1883 Antoni Gaudí was given the responsibility. After death, Gaudi was buried in the basilica.



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