Check the prolific nails-this Fashion Week AW18

Nails Fashion Week AW18

The look of the nails has a very important role to play in enhancing the overall appearance of a person. So it is very important to provide these nails with a desirable look. Previously the women only used to paint their nails with different colours. However, things have changed a lot today. Apart from nail paints, there are also different types of nail arts that make these nails look beautiful.

If you want to get an idea of the best nail looks from Fashion week 2018 then you can surely go through the list given below:

  • Matte look

Marian Newman is one of the most well-known nail technicians and her simply useful matte based coat on an oink manicure that has a muted appearance. The products that she chose were the Rose milk gloom and also a spotless matte base covering. Again both of these cost 15 pounds.

  • Get the message

Vivienne Westwood is one of the popular nail stylists who make provocative statements. This was also very much true about the look that she gave to her nails in the 2018 fashion show. Marian Newman, the one who created the risqué nail art also placed some san serif letters on the nails. She actually tried spelling out different types of statements on the manicured nails that were soft and square.

  • Colourful cuticles

In order to provide creative display seen during the catwalk, the nails that were there in the Moschino show has something that is called a reverse tip. This means that the nails had two different set of varnishes- one a bright red one and the other a pale pink shade. These nail colours were however interchangeable and could be either put on the length of the nails or on the cuticles.

  • Making a hole on one of the nails

The nails are believed to be sculpted textures. They have punctured tips, sharp shapes and also animal prints. Some of the nail paint colours that featured in the fashion show are blue eye shadow, vinylux blackpool. They are nothing but a re-embodiment of the power women of the 1980s by Grace Jones.

  • Embellished nude

Michelle Class gave the nail a pale pink look at the mulberry. It was then decorated with Swarovski accents. There was a trend for nail art for AW18 as well as embellishments and the trend moved off from the self-nudes. Before the addition of the nail accessories, Morgan Taylor’s Polish in Sweet surrender was added.

  • Statement nail art

Another nail look that was there in the Fashion Week AW18 was the Sophia look. This look made the nails the most important fashion accessory. Nails were actually made the new jewellery. It looked as if the nails were asking “Shall we dance”. Bright coloured CND nail varnishes were used. There were certain crystal pixies, glistening French tips and Swarovski crystal added to the nails. These made the nails look much more beautiful and attractive.

If you follow the latest nail trends from the Fashion week AW18 then you will surely be able to provide an excellent look to your nails. Nail arts are very important because they change the overall look of the woman.


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