How do aerobic exercises help in lowering down the chances of the Alzheimer Disease?


Researchers say that aerobic exercises help in reducing the chances of Alzheimer. These exercises include swimming, cycling, jogging, walking etc. The exercises that boost the rate of the heart and also make the lungs stronger will prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer disease. The exercises especially the cardiovascular exercises have a very positive impact on the health of the individuals. These exercises improve the cognitive functions of the individuals.

Here’s how aerobic exercises reduce the Alzheimer diseases

Alzheimer occurs mainly due to the non-functioning of the brain. Since the aerobic exercises improve the overall functioning of the brain so if you do these exercises then it will surely reduce your chances of this disease. It is believed that these exercises can actually change the entire chemistry of the brain. The neurotransmitters that are associated with anxiety, stress and depression as well the brain chemicals associated with the learning can actually be affected greatly by these exercises. If you do these exercises on a regular basis then it can surely improve your mood, the functions of the brain and the resilience to stress. It also can improve the processing speed, the attention span and the cognitive flexibility. The cognitive memory can also be improved.

There are a number of people getting affected by the Alzheimer disease and today this is considered to be a public health issue. It is said that Alzheimer actually accounts for about 60- 80% of the public health issue. When a person suffers from Alzheimer then there is a cognitive impairment that happens and drugs can only have a short-term effect on them. It is for this reason that effective interventions are absolutely required. It is these aerobic exercises that are actually successful in treating the cognitive impairment through certain biologically sound techniques.

What do the aerobic exercises do?

  • Improve the reasoning, thinking and the learning skills of the individuals.
  • It also improves reasoning, thinking skills as well as the judgement of those people who are already suffering from Alzheimer.
  • Mild cognitive impairment is also improved with these exercises.
  • Exercises also slow down the developing process of Alzheimer for those people who have a risk of developing this disease. They also tend to slow down the progress of this disease.

Physical activities are very important because they improve the blood circulation in the brains. They also help in increasing the amount of those chemicals that help in protecting the brain. It also reduces the natural reductions in the connection of the brains. With age, these connections tend to be reduced and exercise certainly slow down the process.

It has already been proved that exercises are highly effective. But the degree to which it can affect the brain still needs to be found out. It definitely slows down the process of the decline of the cognitive brain. So if you want to stay physically and mentally healthy then exercising on a regular basis will certainly be the best option. This can actually work much better than the medicines.


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