5 Warm Up Routines That Will Benefit You Greatly


Mornings are the time of the day when you can start afresh and get away from all those mistakes, regrets u had the previous night.It is the vibe of starting something new with the birds chirping and declaring the start of a new chapter in your life and the morning wind making you believe the vibe all around.What can go wrong? it's only you who can take this point of life in two different directions.Listed are some awesome warm-up routines which will make your mind focused on doing what you really want to strive for in your life

You rush to the gym to get that workout out of you in quick succession never giving your muscles a chance to strengthen itself, loosening itself, never letting your body fluids flow in the right direction, these causes injuries to your body.Warm up your body so that it gets ready to accept harder challenges ahead when you pick up those 30kgs for a dead lift, let that dead lift happen to you in the right way!

Keep your legs wide apart from each other and do normal sit-ups for at least 2 sets 20 reps each.This will activate your lower body part with lesser chances of muscular cramps and just a safe way to start your leg day.

Jumping Jacks:
This particular exercise not only activates your lower body part but also opens up your arms, shoulders etc.Do 30 jumping jacks before going into harder challenges this will definitely set you up.

Alternating Knee Hug and Ankle Grab:
It stretches your hip flexors and quads and very well relaxes your glutes.
Way to do it:- Stand with feet hip width.Raise your left knee and hug it to your chest, repeat the same with your right knee. Take hold of your left ankle for a quad stretch, raise your right hand for balance, put your left knee down in a straightforward manner so that your thigh and hip are in a straight line.Repeat the sequence

Push-ups strengthen your chest and make you ready for a great chest day ahead.Do at least 2 sets of push-ups each containing 20 reps.

Alternating Hamstring Sweep:
This very exercise opens your chest, promotes shoulder mobility and stretches hamstrings.
Way to do it:-Keeping feet hip-width and your arms by your side you have to step your left foot forward and flex foot, you have to send your hips back and keeping back flat you have to sweep your arms down towards the ground and take it as far forward as is possible.Then you have to sweep your arms in a big circle as your left foot will step back into its place.Repeat it on other side moving slowly and cautiously.


Warm-ups definitely should become a daily habit of a fitness enthusiast as it gives a safer approach to exercising heavy.


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