11 Deadliest TV-Villains of All Time


They come as killers, sociopaths, psychopaths, revenge takers, kidnappers and drug addicts but they make a show worth watching. A series without a deadly villain would be just another sober documentary – who watches that for entertainment? No kidding. Although these villains have boiled our blood, made us want to punch them in the face, and what not but hey, we can’t ignore them for sure! Some of them have superpowers while others just want revenge. But hey, before you start being all judgemental, they all have their own set of reasons, don’t they?  Let us check out my list of the top 20 villains of all time:

  1. The Trinity Killer – Dexter:

Played by Mr. John Lithgow, ‘The Trinity Killer’ is a serial killer who simply wouldn’t show any mercy to his betrayers. He is a murderer in disguise as he was initially shown as a simple family guy.

  1. The Governor – Walking Dead:

He definitely explained why humans are no less than zombies and how they could hurt other humans just for their own evil-motives. His Iron Fist is his deadliest weapon.

  1. Hannibal Lector – Hannibal

With his evil wits and sexy charms, Hannibal Lector had a thing with knives and was always eager to cut throats of those who tried to cross him.

  1. Newman – Seinfeld:

The role of the antagonist Newman was played by Wayne Knight. Living close to the jerry’s apartment in Seinfeld, he was described as the one with an ‘evil heart’ by various people.

  1. Catwoman – Batman:

Disguised in interesting black apparel, Catwoman was probably one of the biggest threats to Batman. Her evil nature along with her sexy charm makes her the evilest villain of all time.

  1. Montgomery Burns, ‘The Simpsons’:

He was mostly known for his evil grin and also for entering Simpson’s life and creating disasters and havoc. He was also the owner of Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

  1. Gus Fring – Breaking Bad:

The credit of making the series a nail biting drama goes to this man. Gus Fring was a soft spoken person (apparently) with the most destructive mind ever.

  1. Joffrey Baratheon, ‘Game of Thrones’:

Joffery Baratheon has had his share of evil acts which were hideous and disgusting. Interestingly, he got his way out of the charges of murder, rape and what not!

  1. Jim Moriarty – Sherlock:

Having a twin mind to Sherlock, the only difference was that he was a consulting criminal. There were times when he challenged and put Sherlock into various tricky situations. A sharp yet crazy minded person he was!

  1. T-Bag – Prison Break:

T-Bag was another sociopath who was responsible for numerous assaults, murders, and rapes. He did not even spare his own family – disgusting, right? Theodore Bagwell always figured out his way out of every nasty situation he got into.

  1. Klaus – Vampire Diaries:

One of the originals who ditched his death not only once or twice but for several times! Klaus, the oldest vampire (later, a hybrid), didn’t even spare his own family.


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